10.054 Ddeok Mandu Chol Bokki


28 (Thu) February 2019

Ddeok Mandu Bokki with Dangmyeon


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-

with sons + IS’s kid

Essentially rabokki in concept, substituting cholmyeon for the ramyeon, adding mandu.  Alas, I made the unforgiveable – inexplicable – mistake of cooking the noodles and the dumplings directly in the sauce, which imparted an unpleasantly floury/dusty flavor.

2 thoughts on “10.054 Ddeok Mandu Chol Bokki

  1. contents not objectionable on their own (i prefer cholmyun to ramen noodles as they stay chewier longer), but yeah, the floury taste would be bad..


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