10.066 Lightly Seared Whale Sashimi with Seasoned Leek & Sesame Oil


12 (Tue) March 2019

Lightly Seared Whale Sashimi with Seasoned Leek & Sesame Oil


-Wakoshi, Saitama-

with RK

Mission to Japan, Day 3.

In Wakoshi.  Here to co-coordinate the 6th Regional Workshop on Leadership and Advocacy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (LeAd-NCD), which will focus on strengthening legal frameworks – Tuesday to Friday – bringing together staff from both ministries of health and parliaments – an off-shoot of the ever-expanding Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health.  Previously, I had helped to organize the 4th LeAd-NCD in 2016, which was focused on childhood obesity, including legal measures to restrict marketing to children (see most recently 7.269 Grilled Shiitake).

Across the street from the hotel.

Didn’t dig the whale.  Being a mammal, it was texturally like other lean red meats, similar to horse (see for example 7.265 Negibasashi Maki) or kangaroo (see for example 5.337 Kangaroo).  Being an ocean mammal, however, it tasted kinda fishy, even if slathered in sauce.