10.065 Kyuri Kimuchi


11 (Mon) March 2019

Kyuri Kimuchi


from Ito Yokado Supermarket

in my room

-Toyoko Inn, Wakoshi, Saitama-


Mission to Japan, Day 2.

In Wakoshi.  Here to co-coordinate the 6th Regional Workshop on Leadership and Advocacy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (LeAd-NCD), which will focus on strengthening legal frameworks – Tuesday to Friday – bringing together staff from both ministries of health and parliaments – an off-shoot of the ever-expanding Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health.  Previously, I had helped to organize the 4th LeAd-NCD in 2016, which was focused on childhood obesity, including legal measures to restrict marketing to children (see most recently 7.269 Grilled Shiitake).

Oh, to have such easy access to fresh fish.
To maintain quality, items are put on sale within hours.

Since that previous event, I have often thought fondly in memory of the dinner that we had sourced from the supermarket next door to the hotel (see 7.267 Chutoro Sashimi).  And since confirming my participation in this year’s event, I have looked forward to repeating that dinner experience.



Not as much fun by myself, but still good.

The standout dish was the kyuri (cucumber) kimuchi.  Rather than smothering the cucumbers entirely in the stuffings – as per the Korean way – the stuffings were neatly tucked into the cucumbers – very elegantly Japanese, achieving both form and function to preserve the external crunchiness of the cucumber skins.  The stuffings, no trace of fish sauce, sweetish, not yet fully fermented, were crisp and refreshing.  Overall, light and lovely.  Another classic example of how Japan adapts/adopts/appropriates – improves upon?? – things from other cultures.


the untamed food of gold rushminers the beef, the fries

the roadside diners, oh say can you see from the nation of

night its gift to the world the burger is might!

From Lotteria, located next to the supermarket.

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