10.101 Dak Dori Tang


16 (Tue) April 2019

Dak Dori Tang


by W

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-

with the Family (plus a few of DJ’s knucklehead friends)

I’d bought the wings for a deep-fry application – in my opinion, the only way to do wings, which are mostly skin, which can be kinda icky unless cooked to a nice crisp – but she used them in this dish instead, wherein the chicken was braised, resulting in unpleasantly flabby skins.

3 thoughts on “10.101 Dak Dori Tang

  1. Don’t Koreans call this dak -bokkum-tang these days? Plus your wife’s version is very not-red (as i would have expected for this dish).


    1. click on the green link to “dak dori tang,” which provides the definition and background on the dish, including this very issue about name.

      it doesn’t have to be spicy.


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