10.113 Dragon Wrap


28 (Sun) April 2019

Dragon Wrap


from Chicken Express

En route to Suva


Mission to Fiji, Day 4.

In Suva.  Here to conduct a series of planning meetings and ocular inspections – Friday and Saturday in Nadi, Monday and Tuesday in Suva, Thursday in Nadi again – in preparation for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will be held in Fiji in August 2019.  This is the third such mission in advance of the Fifth Meeting (see previously 10.049 Termite Mushroom Steamed Halibut).


With a day off in between, I took the opportunity to dive this morning in Nadi.  Returning to Port Denarau in mid-afternoon, I grabbed a snack and ate it in the taxi on the way to Suva.


Chicken Express is an American-style fast food chain.  Fiji-based, apparently.  Specializes in fried chicken.


The Dragon Wrap was okayish.  Bits of fried chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, (over)dressed in a sweet and sour sauce – presumably, this makes it Asian, hence the dragon – wrapped in a tortilla.  Not too bad for a quick post-dive on-the-go meal.

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