10.123 Korean BBQ Wings


8 (Wed) May 2019

Korean BBQ Wings


from Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-

with the Family

According to the description on the menu: “mixed in a sweet, tangy sauce made of sesame oil and spices; garnished with spring onions for that extra punch.”

A sauce “made of sesame oil and spices” would be kinda icky.

The “sweet, tangy sauce” turned out to be hoisin, straight out of the jar, making it taste vaguely like deep-fried Peking duck, but too salty, and too gooey and sticky.   Nothing Korean about it (see generally 8.143 Fried Chicken Two Ways).

The spring onions, even if fresh – as evidence by the dingy yellowish tinge, they were not – were too pitifully measly to provide any punch, much less “that extra” punch.

Poorly conceived, poorly executed.


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