10.159 American Combo Pizza


13 (Thu) June 2019

American Combo Pizza


from Café Promenade

at Casino Royale – Voyager of the Seas

-Thailand to Singapore-

with Dad

This is their “rap album cover” pose, even though they don’t really know what that means.

Summer Vacation 2019, Day 6 of 7.

Aboard Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.  Our first cruise.  Departed Monday from Singapore, stopping in Penang (Malaysia) Tuesday and Phuket (Thailand) yesterday, returning to Singapore tomorrow.


Definitely sick of the MDR (see Day 1).

Rosemary Lamb Shank (2.0)

Though the food itself is okayish, the problem is that it’s too much, too easy.  No challenge in having to make choices.  No gratification, therefore, in having made the right choice, or disappointment in making the wrong choice.  Reminds me of The Matrix, where the first virtual reality created by the computers was too perfect, and so the people couldn’t handle it – they needed conflict to thrive.

Too much. Too easy.

Another food option is Café Promenade.  Opens a couple hours before noon, and closes a couple hours after midnight.  Serves pizza by the slice, sandwiches, desserts.



The food was pretty good – especially for a quick late-nite snack, way better than the room service options (see Day 1, Day 2).


If nothing else, the cruise provided a first-ever opportunity, possibly the last, to play blackjack with my father in a casino.   I ended up losing about a hundred bucks, but worth every penny.

Also taught W to play, who caught on quick, having a head for numbers .

The boys also got in on the action, though just in the room for spare change.


The boys and I spent a lot of time playing trivia at the Schooner Bar.  We came in second place for the world geography quiz, second place for the world flags quiz (I can’t believe I missed Vanuatu), and first place – with all 20 questions answer correctly – for The Beatles quiz – won a Royal Caribbean pen.

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