10.174 Yukgaejang Sabal Myeon


28 (Fri) June 2019

Yukgaejang Sabal Myeon


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-


Hard to believe, but this is the first post covering my favorite instant noodle product of all time – indeed, our family favorite, which we eat on occasion, at least once a month.

It’s called yukgaejang, though it tastes nothing like its namesake.  No beef flavor, certainly none of the fernbrake, scallion, bean sprout, radish, or egg that characterizes the real soup.  But the broth is crisp and spicy in its simplicity.  And the noodles have a pleasantly chewy texture.

Sabal (bowl) myeon (noodle) = instant noodles.

Koreans like to feel clever by employing two tricks when preparing and eating instant noodles.


The first, after pouring in hot water, is to fasten the paper lid to the bowl with as-yet-unbroken disposable wooden chopsticks, which often come with purchase, to ensure that the steam doesn’t escape.  This accelerates cooking time by about 20 seconds.

The second is to use the paper lid as a kind of spoon: fold the circle in half, then again into quarters, then unfold to make a cone.  This device is used merely to hold a bite-sized portion of noodles for a few seconds while it cools, not to carry broth.

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