This site comprises Cycles 6-10 of GMTD.

Cycles 1-5 may be found on a separate site.

WASTE NOT by artist Song Dong (New Tork Museum of Modern Art, 2009): an installation displaying every single item that had been hoarded by the artist’s mother in her home until her death (see The New York Times article “The Collected Ingredients of a Beijing Life”) – a profound statement on the paradoxes of modernity, finding profundity in the banal, the spirituality of physical objects, as well as the collectivism of individuality, gestalt – perhaps a metaphor for GMTD.

After an unofficial hiatus in 2017 through 2018 (Cycles 8 and 9), GMTD resumed in 2019 (Cycle 10) (see 10.028 REBOOT: Pan-Fried Chadolbagi).

Present-day posts for Cycle 10 are now continuing to be added in real-time, or close to it.

Posts from the two-year lacuna are also being added retroactively, intermixed with the current posts.  The older posts will be left at the top of the pile for 1 week, then moved down into their actual chronological places.

As of 9 October 2019, the gap has been filled through 31 January 2018, as well as 89 intermittent posts throughout 2018 that have already been posted, which were necessary to provide background on current posts.   At the present pace of 2.95 posts per day since the reboot, GMTD is on track to be fully up-to-date by 15 February 2020.

Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

And, as always, thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “NOTE TO READERS

  1. Thanks for the wonderful posts and photography! Love hearing your stories, food experiences, and the little cultural snippets from your day to day life. Keep up the amazing work!


  2. Number One Fan will also try to return to regular if not daily visits. It’s hard to re-make a habit after such a long hiatus.


    1. You know what would help? Let’s do a cookoff comparison. We’ve done one or two of those before right? Pick an ingredient, we both cook it and review it. 🙂


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