10.028 REBOOT: Pan-Fried Chadolbagi


2 (Sat) February 2019

Pan-Fried Chadolbagi


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with the Boyz

759 days between this post and the last one (see 7.364 Noodles with Minced Pork Sauce).  Never meant to close the book on GMTD.  In fact, I’ve continued taking pictures every day since, every day intending to restart.  I just … I dunno … stopped one day, and that day turned into seven hundred fifty nine of them.

I’ve missed doing it, daily.

More than just missing the blog itself, that two year period – without the critical thought (yes, sometimes) and the detailed documentation to reinforce the memories – is a blur.  I remember more of my day-to-day life from 2010 to 2016, as represented by the meals and immortalized thru the posts, than from 2017 to 2018 (that could be the booze).

So GMTD resumes, starting today.  For how long, who knows?  At the start of Cycle 5, when I had also overcome a temptation to close the blog after 4 years, I did note that the decision to continue could compel me to see it thru to Cycle 8 (see 5.001 Galbi Tang), in light of my thing about denominations of 4.  Cycle 8 would’ve been 2017.  If maintaining a contiguous timeline, this year would thus constitute Cycle 10.  If by 4s, Cycle 12 would take GMTD to 5 January 2021.  Let’s see how it goes.

About those 759 lost days, I will post on them.  But I’m struggling with how to present them in the chronology of the blog, as I’ll be writing contemporaneous posts at the same time.  For now, I’ll write a back-post as if in the present but keep it temporarily on the board on the date it was written.  At some point, I’ll put the back-posts in proper chron order.  The order of posting back-posts may seem random, but I will need first to write about something specific in the past (e.g., the first visit to a restaurant) to set up a present-day post. Anything from Cycle 8 to Cycle 9 (The Lost Years) will be part of this new-old batch.  Unfortunately, I’ve lost some photos along the way thru various data transfers, so alas my 7+ years of continuous daily dinner photos has been broken.  I’ve forgotten many of the details.  In any case, the written content in most back posts will likely be kept short.  If I were to manage 3 back posts per day, in addition to the current daily post – a pace that I could never sustain – I would be caught up sometime in mid October.  Let’s see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “10.028 REBOOT: Pan-Fried Chadolbagi

  1. oh!!!!! i’ve been waiting for the blog’s updates for ages! SO HAPPY to see this!
    i think i’m going to visit MNL in september this year for the pharma meeting related to the project i will be involved in, and i hope to get a phd by then..(!) let’s see how it goes.
    looking forward to seeing more posts! 🙂

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