9.113 Grilled Salmon and Prawns


28 (Sat) April 2018

Grilled Salmon and Prawns


at Lalaguna Villas Luxury Dive Resort and Spa

-Small Lalaguna, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines-

with KD, LE, DK, NS, and DJ

Dive Trip to PG, Day 1.

The advance team departed for PG in the morning.

Getting to PG involves taking a ferry from Port Batangas, which can get crowded.

Meanwhile, I was attending the wedding of RA, another colleague.


While honored to be an invited guest, I was impatient for the ceremony to end, so I could get going to PG.

I was part of the last group in the Order of Picture Taking.

This time, we’re staying at Lalaguna Villas because our dive master relocated from Scandi Divers (see generally 8.345 Pusit Adobong).

We got a suite, which was located at the top of the property – eight flights of stairs, no elevator.


One dinner option was seafood, sold by the piece or weight, grilled to order.

The scallops were gritty.

Sounded great, but didn’t live up to the promise – subpar ingredients, clumsy preparation.

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