10.335 Mushu Spam


6 (Fri) December 2019

Mushu Spam


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with solo

When I was in grad school, my Chinese-Korean uncle taught me his version of a quick-fix mushu (see 3.287 Mushiu Tomato), which involved shredded cabbage and onions, chopped woodear mushrooms, scrambled eggs, oyster sauce, and white pepper, topped with fresh scallion, hoisin sauce, wrapped in steamed flour tortillas (see for example 1.363 Mushiu Beef in Tortilla Wraps).

Here, I used leftover veg from a recent jjol myeon application (see for example 10.204 Jjol Myeon), with woodear mushrooms that I’d acquired in Thailand, plus leftover SPAM.  Would’ve been okay, but the purple/red cabbage turned out rather bitter.

From the Thai Treasure Trove:

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