10.348 Chorizo Frito


19 (Thu) December 2019

Chorizo Frito


at Casa Armas

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with KF, KD, DK

Farewell dinner for KD.

He had first joined WHO in 2015 as a volunteer under my supervision while I was still with the noncommunicable disease unit (see generally 6.136 Haemul Pa Jeon).   Along with the nutrition unit, we had initiated the regional push on protecting kids from the marketing of junk foods and beverages, which achieved a major milestone this year with the endorsement of the WHO Western Pacific Regional Action Framework on Restricting Food Marketing to Children by Member States – KD had been brought back to lead the drafting of the framework.  He also provided invaluable technical/moral support at the parliamentarian meeting in Fiji (see 10.222 Grilled Lobster).

He will be missed.


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