10.347 Steak


18 (Wed) December 2019



by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-


For various reasons – personal health, environmental impact, and (somewhere down the line) animal welfare – I’ve been struggling these days to find where I stand on meat consumption.  This not to say that I’m contemplating vegetarianism – god no – but I should start cutting back, at least on red meat.  Last November, 13 of 30 posted dishes (not including dishes that may have been on the table at the same meal) involved pork and/or beef, 5 chicken, 10 seafood, 1 egg, and only 1 was entirely free of animal proteins.

I don’t know why Australian beef turns purple when cooked.

So, as a starting point, tonight will be the last time that I ever (knowingly) eat Australian beef, which I should avoid anyway because it sucks – if beef were beer, Australian beef would be Foster’s.

Milestones in Meat Moderation:

  1. Australian Beef (10.348 Steak)

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