10.354 Roast Lobster with Cheese


25 (Wed) December 2019

Roast Lobster with Cheese


at Ggori Chineun Lobster Gui

-Myeong-Dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


2020 Winter Holiday in Korea, Day 2.


Packed on Christmas Day – fortunately, all restaurants in Korea are open for business on Christmas Day (see for comparison 9.354 Deep-Fried Snapper in Soy Glaze).

For my first meal in town, my favorite dish at my favorite restaurant in the world.


Prior visits – hard to believe that it’s been over 5 months since my last visit, and only the third time in 2019:

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  3. 9.014 Mul Naeng Myeon (3.5)
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  5. 9.142 BBQ Platter
  6. 9.169 Chamchi Hoe
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  9. 9.295 Char-Grilled Hanwoo Strip Steak
  10. 9.348 Mul Naeng Myeon (4.0)
  11. 10.057 Hindu Meal
  12. 10.193 Mul Naeng Myeon (3.0)


After lunch, a visit to the family optometrist. I needed bifocals – my mother’s reaction: “When your son gets bifocals, it’s time to die.”

So long as we were in Namdaemun Market, we took the opportunity to enjoy some street food.

Starting in 1994 when the shop first opened, I’ve been a client for 26 years. With IZ, the shop now serves 3 generations.  I wonder if I’ll be around in 30 years to see IZ get bifocals.

Compared to 5 years ago (see previously 5.084 Odeng + Ddeokbokki), menu offerings have changed quite bit: less emphasis on made-to-order dishes (as Korean customers would prefer), more on ready-to-go items (as tourists would prefer).



We then went to Myeong-Dong for shopping.


Over the past couple decades, the neighborhood has become a mecca for street food, though not much that’s traditionally Korean, not much that can be found anywhere else than in Myeong-Dong.

Like grilled lobster with cheese, which is neither traditionally Korean nor can be found anywhere else than in Myeong-Dong.

I couldn’t resist.

KRW 15,000 a pop.

It was okay.  The meat of the tail was chopped into big chunks, marinated in a light chili sauce, braised in its own juices over a gas grill, then broiled au gratin with processed mozzarella cheese under an electric lamp.  It was kinda crappy, but okay.

I had two.

Fortunately, the family was off somewhere buying shoes.


We met up with W’s brother and his family for dinner.

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