NOTE re Unification

15 February 2020

From the inaugural Cycle 1 to Cycle 5, Give Me This Day was published on a separate site.

Since Cycle 6, up through the current Cycle 11, the blog has been hosted on this site.

As part of a broader on-going effort to upgrade GMTD (see previously NOTE re Reboot and Rally), I’m now migrating the 1,826 posts from Cycles 1-5 to the current site, so that all content will be together.

In doing so, I will take the opportunity to polish the older posts a bit, add photos, etc.  They will be left at the top of the pile for 1 week, then moved down into their actual chronological places.

At a rate of 3 posts per day, the process would take 609 days, completing towards the end of Cycle 12 on 15 October 2021, just a few months shy of what I hope will be the end of GMTD – I will strive to finish the migration earlier than that.

Meanwhile, present-day posts for Cycle 11 will concurrently be added in real-time (or close to it).

Sorry for any confusion this may cause.

As always, thanks for reading!


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