11.093 Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken


7 (Tue) April 2020

Extra-Crunchy Fried Chicken


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Generally, I trust the advice of America’s Test Kitchen (Cook’s Illustrated), which I find to be straightforward, practical, reliable, effective – an excellent resource for something as technically challenging as American-style fried chicken.


First breakthrough: marinating in seasoned milk to infuse flavor, tenderize, and preserve juiciness.  The recipe calls for traditional buttermilk, but the store didn’t have it, so I used regular milk, which doesn’t have as much acidity or tanginess, but it worked.

Second breakthrough: adding baking powder to the flour coating to facilitate a crunchy crust.  The book explains that the baking powder releases carbon dioxide to leaven the crust and increase surface area, making it light and crisp.

Third breakthrough: covering the pan to retain heat and accelerate the cooking process.

However, I did a poor job of regulating the proper oil temperature – starting at 375F/190C, maintaining at 310F/155C – so that the crust browned before the meat had cooked through.  I had to finish some of the pieces in the microwave.

Nevertheless, it was a promising new beginning.

I am reminded of KF’s “thoroughly” cooked fried chicken (see 9.344 Sangria-Sozzled Grapes)


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