11.234 Hot and Spicy Mexican Pizza


26 (Wed) August 2020

Hot and Spicy Mexican Pizza


from Papa John’s

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

As used in food marketing, the terms “hot” and “spicy” are redundant.  Yes, they do have other meanings, but that’s not how they’re meant when used together in reference to something like a so-called Mexican pizza.

It started with the idea of getting some cheese sticks from Papa John’s – actually just a mini pizza crust with melted cheese.  By the time W was done ordering, we ended up with the cheese sticks and chicken wings and a pizza and another pizza that came free with the first pizza.

(For more details about the food, see WHAT)

(For more details about the venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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