11.249 NBB Signature


10 (Thu) August 2020

NBB Signature


from No Brand Burger

in the Boss’s office

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with Dad

Lunch at Work

This building is located directly across from my office, making No Brand Burger the closest venue while I’m at work.
By 1145 (this photo taken at 1135), the place gets packed, mostly for takeout orders, showing how mainstream burgers have become in Korea, even in this industrial neighborhood.

No Brand Burger is an American chain restaurant.  Specializes in burgers.  Founded 2019 in Korea, currently 23 locations across the country, including 1 in Seongsu. The first restaurant spin-off of No Brand – comprising mostly foods and sundries, at sorta cheaper kinda generic-level prices – a sub-brand of the brand E-Mart, one of the many brands operated by the conglomerate Shinsegae.

The NBB Signature – their basic cheeseburger – was okay. Flavorless and dryish beef patty + 2 slices of unmelted processed cheese + generous iceberg lettuce + ripe tomato slice + onions slices + mayo-mustard-ketchup sauce + grilled sesame seed bun.  Made to order.  Quite “good enough” for a quick and convenient and cheap lunch.

(For more details about the food, see WHAT)

(For more details about the venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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