11.250 Pungcheon Jangeo – King Special Large


11 (Fri) August 2020

Pungcheon Jangeo – King Special Large


at Pungcheon Jangeo Maeul

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Pungcheon Jangeo Maeul (풍천 장어 마을) is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in grilled jangeo (freshwater eel).

Located near the highway exit by the Jangji subway stop.
Upon order, live eels are harvested from the tank.
The basic order is either a pair of big eels amounting to 1 kg for 78,000 won (additional eels at 39,000 won apiece), or a pair of regular eels amounting to 660 g for 66,000 won (additional eels at 39,000 won apiece).
As per the menu, the big eels are labelled as “wang (왕)(king) teuk (특)(special) dae (대)(large)” – all synonyms for “big.”
Anticipating that 2 eels wouldn’t be enough, we ordered +1 for a total of 1.5 kg.
1.5 kg may seem like too much for 4 persons at 475 g each, but eels lose a lot of water weight during the cooking; by comparison for grilled meat, we usually eat around 200 g each.
Standard array of sides for Korean-style grilled eel.

The food was good.  Plump and juicy eels, seasoned only with coarse sea salt to bring out the natural sweet brininess of the meat, grilled to delicate crispiness over live coals, wrapped in lettuce along with mugeinji, pickled radish, pickled perilla leaves, and/or garlic, ginger, topped with ssamjang.  Light yet substantial, every bite full of flavor.

Kimchi Mari Guksu (3.0): a refreshing way to finish the meal.



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