11.284 LA Dog


15 (Thu) October 2020

LA Dog


at LA Dog (E-Mart)

-Jayang, Gwangjin, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Several pop-up food stands are currently doing business at the entrance of this E-Mart, across from Konkuk University.
LA Dog is a hot dog stand – At first glance, I was so glad to see a hotdog stand, even though the general set-up didn’t engender much confidence that the product would be much good.

The LA Dog was meh.  Bratwurst-like sausage, loads of ketchup, mustard, and a Thousand Island-like dressing, topped with bacon bits, in a sesame seed bun.  Primarily due to the subpar sausage, which was bland and blah, the dish was rather amateur.

All things equal, I’d prefer a chili dog, but I usually try a restaurant’s signature/eponymous item on the first visit.

(For more details re food, see WHAT)

(For more details re venue, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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