11.283 Lehsuni Tikka Chicken


14 (Wed) October 2020

Lehsuni Tikka Chicken


at Indica

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

w DP

Historically, Seongsu-dong has been an industrial neighborhood, home to small factories and warehouses.  Properties were cheap to rent/buy (which is why the company relocated here 15 years ago).  In the past 10 years or so, the area has suddenly begun to undergo gentrification.  One benefit (for me, for GMTD): lots of new restaurants.

Seongsu Yeonbang, a small commercial center, previously a storage facility for nearby auto repair shops, exactly 894 m from the office.
New commercial developments have embraced the aesthetics of the original structures, preserving the existing shells and elements – bricks, beams, pipes, anything old and clunky and rusty.
In place of the factories and warehouses, a new wave of cafés, restaurants, shops.
Case in point: Arc N Book, a boutique book store on the 2nd floor of the plaza.
Our company supplies the English-language books.
From the inside looking out.

Indica is an Indian restaurant.  Calls itself a “gastropub.”  Specializes in northern Indian cuisine.

When DP and I agreed to have dinner, I asked him to choose the venue, and he suggested Indica, his favorite Indian restaurant in the city.  By chance, it’s within walking distance of my office.

The restaurant has its own on-site microbrewery.

Lehsuni Tikka Chicken is an Indian dish.  Chunks of chicken, marinated in garlic paste and yogurt and spices, grilled in a tandoori.

Chicken Biryani (3.0)
Tawa Mutton (3.0)
Butter Masala (3.5)

The food was good.  While I’m a rank novice where Indian cuisine is concerned, my general impression was that the dishes – prepared by an Indian chef, under the supervision of an Indian owner – seemed authentic.  Another point in favor of authenticity is that all 4 tables this evening were occupied by English-speaking customers, including us, more likely to appreciate the full range of Indian flavors, as opposed to Korean Koreans, who are less inclined to towards strong, exotic spices (e.g., coriander, fennel, cumin).  Indeed, the manager gave us a gentle warning about all the potentially explosive components in the biryani: “It’s supposed to taste like that.”  The lehsuni was not the best dish of the spread, but I enjoyed its garlicky playfulness, a welcome change from the standard tikka chicken.  I very much look forward to trying the remaining dishes on the restaurant’s small menu.



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    1. i’ve found that microbreweries can be iffy when it comes to deeper, richer ales, so i tend to play it safe with lager. here, the lager didn’t have much flavor but it was light and refreshing – better than drinking Sprite.

      1. Regardless, seems like a cool place. I always appreciate places that brew their own beers.

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