11.339 Mandu


9 (Wed) December 2020



from Honggane (E-Mart)

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


On occasion, for limited time periods, E-Mart invites vendors to set up food stalls at the entrance, different ones each time – that’s as far as I know about it.

Honggane (홍가네) is a Korean chain restaurant.  Specializes in mandu.

Stopping by on my way home to get some groceries, I got a pack of mandu to munch on – always a good idea to eat before food shopping.

The mandu were not that good.  Skins were dry.  The fillings were skimpy and flavorless.  Even though I was pretty hungry, I could only eat a couple, saving the rest for breakfast tomorrow.

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