11.357 Sous Vide Chicken Breast Steak with Cream Risotto


27 (Sun) December 2020

Sous Vide Chicken Breast Steak with Cream Risotto


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Cookit is a new line of meal prep kits by Korean food producer CJ (Cheil Jedang).  With illustrated instructions, each kit comes with a complete set of ingredients for a given dish.  Currently 22 items in the line, about half comprising Korean dishes, the rest a mix of other cuisines.  Prices range from 15,800 won (Woo Samgyeop Sundubu Jjigae) to 48,800 won (Spicy Boiling Lobster & Shrimp), most somewhere between 20,000 to 25,000 won.

W’s friend works at CJ and sent us a couple of items to try.

I started with the Sous Vide Chicken Breast Steak with Cream Risotto.


  • High quality ingredients, properly packaged
  • Convenient, all necessary ingredients are self-contained and measured, including cooking oil and salt
  • Nutritionally well-balanced, with meat, veg, rice, dairy
  • Lowish in calories, except for the butter and cream and cheese
  • Looks nice on the plate
  • Tasty, enough
One great idea is to sauté pre-cooked rice in cream sauce to make a quick risotto.
The chicken breasts came pre-cooked in sous vide, requiring a quick pan-sear to reheat.


  • Difficult for novice cooks to pull off smoothly, so many steps to complete (10) in rapid succession (1m 30s + 1m + 1m + 2m + 3m + 1m + 2m + 2m + 1m + 50s + 50s) within such a short period (total 15m 10s)
  • Odd textures, such as the clumpy risotto, soft-but-dry chicken, and tough asparagus stems (cut too close to the base, some pieces too fibrous to eat)
  • Not all that tasty
  • Pricy at 26,800 won, supposedly for 2 portions

Not sure who comprises the target audience.  Seems like it would appeal only to a very specific someone that (a) can cook (b) but doesn’t have ingredients on hand (c) and/or can’t be bothered to buy them directly; (d) likes fancy sounding/looking food (e) though doesn’t really care how good/authentic it actually is; (f) has money to burn.

At some point down the road, if I’m ever really bored, I’d be interested in trying to recreate this dish from scratch.  I could probably do so at less than 10,000 won for ingredients.

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2 thoughts on “11.357 Sous Vide Chicken Breast Steak with Cream Risotto

  1. We also have this service here, the three meals I tried were very good. I’ve recreated one of the recipes at a cheaper price.

    1. i’m thinking that meal kits can’t really be a sustainable business model because any customer who uses them for long enough will eventually learn to cook from scratch, so the company has to survive with constantly new, inexperienced customers.

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