12.052 Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce


26 (Fri) February 2021

Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce


at food cart

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Long story way short, my mother got into a car accident this afternoon; thankfully, she wasn’t badly injured, but I took her to a hospital just in case.  The hospital is located in Oksu, next door to my parents’ apartment.

This is the same food cart where I had my final snack in Oksu (see 5.002 One (Batch of Odeng) for the Road), still as an official resident of the neighborhood, just a couple days before flying off to the Philippines to join WHO.
The other food carts in the back alley were recently removed, though I don’t know know the circumstances.
The standard offerings of assorted twigim (deep-fried items), ddeokbokki, odeng.
And of course sundae (blood sausage), as well as other pig bits (e.g., liver, lungs, ears).

In light of yesterday’s experience (see 12.051 Battle: Blood!), I felt like such an expert on animal by-products that I couldn’t resist asking the proprietor of the food cart where she sourced her pig bits.  She replied that a restaurant vendor supplied all the foods for the business, but she didn’t know anything about the origins.  I showed her photos of my venture into the livestock by-product (chuksan busanmul) (축산부산물) market.  She had never been there herself.

Odeng (fish cake).
Twigim in Ddeokbokki Sauce.

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