12.059 Truffle Mushroom Whopper


5 (Fri) March 2021

Truffle Mushroom Whopper


at Burger King

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Truffle Mushroom Whopper is a burger from Burger King Korea.  It’s a standard Whopper (beef patty + lettuce + onions + tomato + sesame seed bun) with bacon + 4 types of sliced mushrooms + creamy truffle sauce.

I ordered it because I am compelled to order anything with truffles, though nothing indicates that actual truffles are involved.

It wasn’t that good.  The mushrooms didn’t taste like anything, just rubbery bits that got in the way.  The sauce was okayish, though I didn’t feel that the truffle flavor worked very well within the context of the burger.  The bacon was entirely pointless.  Generally, the burger was sloppy in construction and began to fall apart about halfway through, mostly due to all those mushrooms, as well as the sauce.


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