12.060 Dubu Bossam


6 (Sat) March 2021

Dubu Bossam


at Dubu Maeul

-Insa, Jung, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG

In the 279 days since we returned to Korea, I’ve gone out to dinner with friends a total of 5 times: thrice with my friends from high school (see most recently 11.283 Lehsuni Tikka Chicken), twice with MtG (see most recently 11.175 Ggot Kimchi Jjim), including tonight.  So, even though Korea remains pretty much open, and the situation is sorta stable, we’re trying to be careful.

Whereas Insa-dong is Seoul’s most traditional neighborhood, preserved as such primarily for tourists, locals usually don’t hang out there.

But MtG had heard of some old school Chinese restaurant that also served rare whiskies.  When we got there, the place had gone out of business.

So we wandered around, stopping at random places.    We were disappointed at all of them.

Dubu Maeul (두부마을) is a Korean restaurant.  The name of the place – Dubu (tofu) Maeul (village) – would suggest that the house specialty is tofu, but not really.  The menu offers a broad range of traditional Korean dishes, including tofu.

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