12.074 Gold Mountain Shashlyk


20 (Sat) March 2021

Gold Mountain Shashlyk


by MtG

at his in-laws’ cabin

-Anseong, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ, MtG + SJ

MtG invited me to hang out at his wife’s parents’ cabin.  I agreed so long as he did all the cooking.  He agreed so long as I brought the booze.


At my request, he made his signature shashslyk (see generally 2.310 Gold Mountain Shashlyk).

Marinated overnight in onion, lemon, tomato.
Placed on metal skewers.
Grilled over coals.
He was having trouble controlling the fire, so he seared the meat over the flames to get some char then finished the cooking in a pan.

Still great, after all these years.

I remain convinced that I could replicate the dish by just cooking unmarinated meat, squeezing fresh lemon juice, and tossing with sliced onions.


Jangan Myeonok (장안면옥) is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in northern Korean cuisine, famous for their Pyongyang-style mul naeng myeon.

IZ is not (yet) that tall – the fisheye lens warps the ends of the frame.
I’m wondering how many hidden MNM gems are out there – maybe I should expand the MNM project to include newcomers and lesser-knowns.

Upon arrival earlier in the day, before setting up at the cabin, we had lunch at Jangan Myeonok.

The mul naeng myeon was excellent.  The broth was on the sweeter side, more like Seoul-style broth, but well-balanced.  The noodles were a bit light in buckwheat flavor, but nicely textured.  I could eat this any day.

The rest of the items that we ordered weren’t so great.

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