12.082 Khai Jiao


28 (Sun) March 2021

Khai Jiao


at Naisoi

-Munjeong, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W

Khai Jiao is a Thai dish.  Eggs, beaten with lime juice + fish sauce + corn starch, pan-fried in smoking hot oil to make a puffy and crispy omelette, served with chili sauce or other condiments.

Located inside the M-State complex adjacent to Munjeong Station.

Naisoi is a Thai restaurant.

Long story way short: W suddenly broke out in hives, which kept getting worse, making me worried that she had contracted a horrible infectious disease that I could catch and die, so I drove her to the closest primary care facility that was open on Sunday.

While waiting for her to get treated, I wandered around the complex, came across Naisoi, and dropped by for a beer.  Khai jiao was an ideal accompaniment.

It was pretty good.  Came with raw bean sprouts underneath, which softened a bit under the heat of the omelette.  I’ve never had a khai jiao that was anything other than pretty good.

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