12.114 Rocket Single


29 (Thu) April 2021

Rocket Single


at Johnny Rockets

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Johnny Rockets is an American restaurant chain.  Specializes in burgers.   Decor inspired by mid-20th century malt shops of America.  Founded 1986 in Los Angeles.  Locations around the world.

I find it hard to believe that I’ve never been to Johnny Rockets before, but I can’t recall a single time.  Then again, I only remember experiences that are documented in GMTD.

Having recently purchased a new bike, which I will ride all over the world and get back into shape and regain the glory of my beautiful body, I was taking it out for a spin around the neighborhood and discovered Johnny Rockets.  I dropped in for a burger.

The Rocket Single is the basic cheeseburger.

The bun, sauce, cheese, and patty were fine, but the lettuce was overstuffed, the tomato was still a bit green, and the onion was cut too thick, so the whole thing tasted kinda vegetative, not in a good way.

My father, who is by far more of an alcoholic than I am – not by volume, but by dependency – claims that the only food that he can eat without needing a drink is a burger.  Even a sandwich, he says, demands beer.  (I don’t drink that much while eating; post prandial libation is my problem.)

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