12.115 Naeng Myeon


30 (Fri) April 2021

Naeng Myeon


at Pyeonggaok

-Jeongja, Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Business is good, apparently, so much that the restaurant has opened an annex – technically, an independent restaurant with its own kitchen – a few buildings down the street.

The company is holding a book fair at a small English academy in the neighborhood.

I dropped by the school on my way home from work, then dropped by the restaurant for an early dinner.

The MNM was disappointing.  Years back (see 4.207 Naeng Myeon), I had assessed the broth as follows:

Dry.  But not beefy, at least not like the “beefy” at the other places.  Light and clean, almost like chicken broth.  Even the color was kinda yellowish.  To the last drop, I couldn’t quite place the flavor.  When I asked the manager, she claimed that it’s 100% beef.  In any case, pretty good.

I still agree with most of it, especially the part about being unable to place the flavor, except this time it had an indescribable off flavor, almost like stale tap water.  In any case, not good.

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