NOTE re Unification Update

19 May 2021

Since my initial projection in February last year about the completion date of migrating posts from the old website to this website (see NOTE re Unification), I am now exactly at the halfway point, with 913 posts migrated, 913 posts remaining, which took 460 days, a rate of just under 2 posts per day.  At that rate, another 460 days, I would finish on 22 August 2022.  If I double the pace to 4 posts per day, I would finish in 229 days on 3 January 2022, just 2 days before the end of the cycle and maybe the end of GMTD.

Henceforth, to keep things moving, I will publish newly migrated posts in their original chronological spots, so they will not appear at the top of the pile.

Meanwhile, present-day posts for Cycle 12 will concurrently be added in real-time (or close to it).

30 November 2021

As of today, the migration is complete, 34 days ahead of schedule.

As always, thanks for reading!


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