12.245 Ban Geon Ojingeo Ddangkong

Cycle 12 – Cycle 245

7 (Tue) September 2021

Ban Geon Ojingeo Ddangkong


at Yeogjeon Halmeoni Maegju 1982

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Another spa treatment for Louis Le Pieux (see most recently 12.196 ‘Tis Rare Fine Beer), I was happy to enjoy a literal ice-cold beer while waiting.

A variety of dried seafoods + peanuts platters.

Whereas anju is any food served to accompany booze, the quintessential anju for beer is squid (ojingeo) and peanuts (ddangkong), usually accompanied by a dip of gochujang and/or mayo.  The squid is traditionally dried squid, roasted for a few seconds over an open flame.  Often referred to as “mareun (dried) anju,” it is available at most/all beer joints, usually the first and cheapest item on the menu.

In lieu of gochujang, this place serves a teriyaki-style sauce with the mayo.

Not a huge fan – nobody really is.  I can’t recall the last time that I ordered the dish or even seen one on the table (I’d rather eat fried chicken).

Objectively, I do appreciate the flavor combination – as everyone generally does.  The brininess of squid, enhanced with charred flavor, and the nuttiness of peanuts pair so beautifully with the hoppiness of beer.

A modern variation is to use squid that is semi (ban) dried (geon), which I much prefer because the meat is tender and sweeter than the fully dried version, which is tough as leather and bitter.

Having received my first vaccination a couple days ago, I wasn’t sure if drinking today was a good idea.  To be clear, drinking is never a good idea for an alcoholic.  The doctor had advised abstinence for at least 3 days, but they always say that after any intervention.  A quick internet search showed that most health websites had something on Covid-19 vaccines + booze on their FAQs – apparently, this is a common concern shared by the global community.   No data currently exists to suggest that booze diminishes the efficacy/safety of vaccines.

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