12.249 Palbochae

Cycle 12 – Cycle 249

11 (Sat) September 2021



from Cheoga Jib

at my uncle’s cabin

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-


The plan was to bury a family time capsule, as a family, at the cabin today.  The time capsule is a plastic box that I’d purchased for the purpose – presumably non-biodegradable – with individual pouches to put in a few items and notes to our future selves.

Our 15th wedding anniversary will be on 12 September 2021, so this weekend was chosen for the internment.  The excavation was decided to be 12 September 2036, our 30th wedding anniversary – when I’ll be 64 years old.  On 12 September 2006, a slideshow that I had made was played in a loop on the screens in the wedding hall leading up to the ceremony – the songs included “All You Need Is Love” + “Something + “When I’m 64.”  Will she still need me?  Will she still feed me?  IZ, who loves the song, has pledged to name his kids “Vera, Chuck, and Dave.”

Last night, W and I had a major argument because – long story short – DJ had broken a house rule, and I’d imposed the agreed-upon disciplinary measure, and W had interfered on DJ’s behalf, as she is wont to do.  It got kinda ugly.  When I woke up in the morning, neither DJ nor W had submitted their pouches, and nobody wanted to go to the cabin, so I went by myself, with Louis Le Pieux.  I buried the time capsule this afternoon, which contained pouches only from IZ and me (I forgot to include my CD of Sgt Pepper).   Alas, the excavation will be half as fun.

I have decided henceforth to have zero involvement in the discipline of the kids – W has earned that exclusive privilege, good riddance and good luck.

After digging the hole, I was too tired to drive home, so I got takeout for dinner and spent the night in my uncle’s cabin (our cabin is still undergoing renovations).  I quote myself: “My favorite thing, more than all other things combined and multiplied by a gazillion, is getting alone time at the cabin” (see 4.230 Seven-Layer Burrito).

Eating an entire platter of palbochae, and nothing but palbochae, was not a great idea.



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