12.266 Sanso Spread de Minimis

Cycle 12 – Cycle 266

28 (Tue) September 2021

Sanso Spread de Minimis


by Mom et al.

at Pungsan Cemetery Park

-Bonghan, Byeongcheon, Dongnam, Cheonan, Chuncheongnam, Republic of Korea-

with Dad and Uncle CS

Over the years, our graveside offerings to the spirits of my grandparents, once grand (see 5.266 Sanso Spread), have dwindled over the past couple years (see previously 11.260 Sanso Spread Lite), primarily because pandemic restrictions have limited participation of the extended family, just the manchildren in the line of succession, though I suspect that this may become the new normal, post-pandemic.  Didn’t even bother to pack bring kimchi, which is telling.

Two old men, colorfully dressed, struggling to light incense.


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