12.278 Pungcheon Jangeo – Regular

Cycle 12 – Cycle 278

10 (Sun) September 2021

Pungcheon Jangeo – Regular


at Pungcheon Jangeo Maeul

-Jangji, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

As previously covered, the King Special Large eel costs 78,000 won for 1 kg (2 eels), plus 39,000 won for additional eels (presumably 500 g each) = 78,000 won per kg.  The regular eel costs 66,000 won for 660 g (2 eels), plus 33,000 won for additional eels (presumably 330 g each) = 99,000 won per kg.  Which is odd, come to think of it, because regular eels tend to be less meaty, less juicy, less tasty, so why would anyone pay more for an inferior product?

Unlimited refills on banchan at the Self Bar.
Various sides.
Various wraps.

On our way home from the cabin, IZ and I dropped by for dinner.  We didn’t have the capacity to finish 1 kg of eel, so we  ordered the smaller portion, the regular eels, and barely finished it all.

Definitely less meaty, less juicy, less tasty.
Kooksoondang Bekseju: a Korean rice wine made from glutinous rice, flavored with traditional herbs, most prominently ginseng – tastes very “Korean,” goes really well with Korean foods, especially items that aren’t overly seasoned themselves (e.g., grilled eel).

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