12.297 Kentucky Barbecue Leg

Cycle 12 – Cycle 297

29 (Fri) October 2021

 Kentucky Barbecue Leg


at KFC

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with IZ

Wirye, a “new town” comprising parts of Seoul + Hanam + Seongnam cities, home to about 100,000 residents, has but 1 McDonald’s (1.3 km from home), 1 Burger King (2.2 km), 1 Subway (1.3 km), and now 1 KFC (1.3 km).

Even at work, in the center of Seoul, the only global fast food restaurants within walking distance is Subway.  The nearest McDonald’s is a mile away (1.6 km), followed by Burger King (2.1 km), KFC (2.6 km).

In Manila, where I lived for 6.5 years, a McDonald’s/Burger King/KFC or other fast food chain seemed available on every block.

The good news: KFC serves draft beer.

IZ: “Why is Colonel Sanders a stick figure?”

The bad news: chicken is horrible.

The Original Recipe was dry and crumbly.

The new oven-roasted Kentucky Barbecue Leg, glazed in a sweetish bland American-style BBQ sauce, was sticky and icky.

Or maybe that’s good news, because I really shouldn’t be eating (too much) KFC, or fried chicken (in general).

Having placed a temporary ban on KFC in the Philippines due to quality concerns (see 11.105 Original Recipe Fried Chicken), I extend the ban here.

(See also FAST FOOD)



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