11.105 Original Recipe Fried Chicken


19 (Sun) April 2020

Original Recipe Fried Chicken


from KFC!

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Day 33.

In certain parts of Manila, including BGC, some restaurants have partially reopened to offer takeout and delivery.

I am still uneasy about the risk of transmission by food.

But after 54 days since our last externally produced meal (see most recently 11.051 Cuadril), I was willing to take a small risk.


Buckets here contain just 6 pieces, yet enough to feed a family of 6 (Filipinos tend to eat 1 piece of fried chicken, with rice and gravy, per person per meal).

During college in the States, on a dare, I ate an entire 20-piece bucket of KFC in one sitting (while watching a movie marathon of the Star Wars trilogy).


In our family, 2 pieces (W) + 2 pieces (DJ) + 3 pieces (IZ) + 4 pieces (me) + 1 piece (yaya) = 12 pieces = 2 buckets.


Recently, the quality of the chicken at KFC here has undergone a dramatic and disturbing turn for the worse.  The skins are dried out and inexplicably hang loose from the meat, as if stretched out.  Makes me suspect that something strange and sinister is happening during the processing of the bird.  Yuck.

Another weird and dangerous thing is that the pieces are cut such that big pieces of bone protrude through the skin.


For the time being, I’m putting a temporary ban on KFC.


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