12.308 Wet Burrito

Cycle 12 – Item 308

9 (Wed) November 2021

Wet Burrito


at El Pino 323

-Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with HSK

The Wet Burrito is a Mexican-American dish.  It’s simply a burrito, served on a plate, topped with sauce, eaten with a knife and fork.

Despite having lived in California for decades (albeit, many decades ago), and eaten tons of Mexican-American food, I’d never heard of a wet burrito until seeing it on the menu at this restaurant.  A quick internet search suggests that it’s an actual thing – must be new.

The wet burrito at El Pino 323 was phenomenal.  An enormous Mission-style burrito, stuffed with carne asada + rice + beans etc., topped with cheese + sour cream + salsa verde + cilantro + tomatoes + lettuce, smothered in a slightly spicy green chili sauce.  Every bite was explosive, and yet balanced in flavor.  The best dish that I’ve tasted in recent memory.

Tecate Cerveza Original: in contrast to the burrito, the beer was shockingly bland – this will likely be my first and last.

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