13.020 Wake Spread

Cycle 13 – Item 20

25 (Tue) January 2022

Wake Spread


at Konkuk University Hospital Funeral Hall

-Hwayang, Gwangjin, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with W

The father of SH, one of W’s best friends from high school, passed away yesterday.

SH is kinda famous (between W and me) for being the only close friend who’d approved of me (as the groom-to-be), the rest of the gang not so convinced that I was husband material (maybe they were right).

These days, the standard practice is to serve food in disposal containers, to lower labor costs and to facilitate clean-up; whereas the family is responsible for purchasing the containers, some companies provide containers for their employees; SH works for Kim & Chang, the largest law firm in Korea; as a cynic, the branded containers seem to me like a marketing ploy than a show of solidarity.

This is the 3rd post in GMTD history to mark a funeral: the first for CYM’s father (see 1.246 Wake Spread), the second for MtG’s father (see 11.268 Wake Spread).

I dread that this kind of event may soon become more of a regular thing, among friends and family.   Having committed to continue GMTD indefinitely, I’m suddenly wondering how I’ll be able to post on the death of someone personally close to me.



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