11.268 Wake Spread

Cycle 11 – Item 268

29 (Tue) September 2020

 Wake Spread


at St Mary’s Hospital Funeral Home

-Jingwang, Eunpyeong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with MtG

MtG lost his father yesterday in a tragic traffic accident.  In light of changing times, further accelerated by pandemic prudence, the all-night all-family wake has been scaled back, with only a few family members attending the wake in shifts, mourners visiting only during business hours.  Friends of the family are also no longer expected to hold vigil (see 1.246 Wake Spread) – I would’ve been expected, and would’ve been honored, to fulfill this role.  So, I just dropped by at dinner time and did my best, during the short visit, to provide some comfort to my best friend.

This is the second GMTD post to feature a funeral (see also 1.246 Wake Spread).

Feels a bit strange to rate the food under such circumstances.  Apologies if it seems inappropriate.



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