13.040 Seafood Pho

Cycle 13 – Item 40

14 (Mon) February 2022

Seafood Pho


at Pho Mons

-Oksu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with Mom

Over the weekend, my mother had an accident in which she slipped on ice, fell to the ground, and banged her head on the ground.  She seemed fine, but I was reminded of news reports on how Bob Sagat had recently died, presumably under similar circumstances, so I insisted that she get a CT exam to be sure.  The tests turned out negative.

Afterwards, I drove her home and took her to dinner in the neighborhood.

I’m dreading that this kind of occasion will become a more regular occurrence (see most recently 12.052 Sundae in Ddeokbokki Sauce).

Pho Mons is a Vietnamese restaurant chain.  Specializes in pho.

Though the restaurant has been in Oksu for ages, neither my mother nor I had ever eaten there, for no particular reason.

The seafood pho started out flavorless, but turned out okay with loads of added cilantro, fish sauce, and hot sauce.



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