13.065 Xiaolongbao

Cycle 13 – Item 65

11 (Fri) March 2022



at Junggyeong Samlim (Chungking Express)

(Common Ground)

-Jayang, Gwangjin, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Common Ground is a shopping center and event venue.  Made of (200+) cargo containers, cut into blocks and assembled to form larger structures.

Located in Gwangjin-gu (adjacent to Seongdong-gu, the ever-burgeoning “Brooklyn” of Seoul), a couple blocks west of Konkuk University subway station.
Although Common Ground is on the way home from work, I’d passed by countless times but never had reason to visit (tonight, I dropped by to check out a shop specializing in Nike Air Jordans).
The central courtyard, for weekend events.
Mostly stuff relating to “street youth culture” (e.g., sneakers, vintage clothing, phone accessories), ranging from global brands to local artisans.
Level 3 hosts a handful of restaurants.

Junggyeong Samlim (중경삼림) is a Chinese restaurant.  The menu, which does not offer any Korean-Chinese standards (e.g., jjajang myeon), is vaguely/poorly Cantonese, as suggested by a few dim sum items, as well as the decor and name of the restaurant (the Korean title of the classic Hong Kong film Chungking Express).

Presumably, the mock signage is intended to evoke images of old town Kowloon (where the movie takes place).
Indoor and outdoor seating available.

Encountering Junggyeong Samlim while looking around, I was intrigued enough to give it a try.

Hargao (1.5)

Alas, the dim sum was entirely meh.  The appearance and texture of the skins indicated that the dumplings had been factory-produced and frozen, then steamed upon order.  The stuffings of both the xialongbao and hargao were barely passable.  If I had these in the freezer to make myself a late-night snack, okay maybe, but not at a full-service restaurant.

I am doubtful that I’d ever go back to try other items.



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