13.084 Fish Sandwich

Cycle 13 – Item 84

30 (Wed) March 2022

Fish Sandwich


from Numero Cinqo

in the Boss’s office

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Boss

Numero Cinqo is an Italian restaurant.  Specializes in sandwiches.

Located a couple blocks south of the office.
Same wood paneling as Numero Tres (the inscription: “I’m gonna be a billionaire here, then I will buy an uninhabited island where I would like to cultivate basil and spend the rest of my life with my dog without having to work at all.”)

The restaurant is part of the neighborhood Numero restaurant group.  I’ve dined at Numero Tres many times (see generally 11.318 Spaghetti Carbonara).  I’ve passed by Numero Dos but haven’t yet been.  No idea about Numero Uno or Numero Cuatro.

Come to think of it, I don’t know why an Italian chain is named in Spanish.

Like the bread, the sandwiches don’t appear to be traditionally Italian, just improvised based on Italianish ingredients.

According to the manager, the bread is made from the same dough as used in the pizza at Numero Tres, but fermented longer to increase flavor.

I should try to purchase the bread to make my own sandwiches at home.

The Fish Sandwich was okay.  Unquestionably, the bread was the star of the show, starting with its rustic appearance and rough texture in hand, executing beautifully chewy yet fluffy in every bite, a whiff of tanginess like a sourdough, a hint of char from the wood-fired oven.  The sautéed cod was tasty per se, but too soft in structure and too light in flavor against the bread.  Finally, the combination of dijon mustard and cranberry made for an odd spicy-sweetness that was confusing.  Still, I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the concept and quality execution. 

Looks amazing.

The other sandwiches are definitely worth trying.



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