13.107 Kongnamul Gukbab

Cycle 13 – Item 107

22 (Fri) April 2022

Kongnamul Gukbab


at Yegaju

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with Mom + Dad

Yegaju (예가주) is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in kongnamul gukbab.

Located a few blocks from the office.

Based purely on personal observation, the signage of Korean restaurants seem to focus more on what they offer (i.e., their signature dish, e.g., kongnamul gukbab), rather on who they are (i.e., the actual name of the place, e.g., Yegaju).  By extension, customers tend to identify restaurants on that basis (e.g., “Let’s go to the kongnamul gukbab place,” rather than “Let’s go to Yegaju.”).  Here, the signage is big on “kongnamul gukbab,” while “Yegaju” is barely visible – I’d wager that 9/10 of customers don’t even know about “Yegaju.”

The tiny establishments quickly gets packed by 1200.

Apparently, kongnamul gukbab is an established dish, originating from Jeonju, and for some reason a popular dish in Seongsu-dong, judging by the presence of at least 3 restaurants in the immediate vicinity specializing in it (see for example 12.025 Kongnamul Gukbab).

The steamed egg would seem to be a standard part of the dish.
This time, I dumped the eggs into the soup to poach them.

I still think that it’s “just a huge pile of kongnamul in a clear, nearly flavorless broth, topped with scallions, with bits of squid at the bottom,” as I’d described the dish previously.  The one here is much better than at the other place.



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