13.108 Chicken & Shiitake Skewers

Cycle 13 – Item 108

23 (Sat) April 2022

Chicken & Shiitake Skewers


by me

at the cabin

-Changchon, Seowon, Hoengseong, Gangwon, Republic of Korea-

with IZ, Mom + Dad, Aunt T + Uncle S

For no particular reason, my father had recently purchased an expensive bottle of wine (about 150,000 won) and has since been pestering me to cook a meal worthy of it.

And so, with mostly ingredients on hand, I improvised a table d’hôte comprising mixed greens in oriental dressing + cucumbers & tomatoes in ranch dressing + gambas al ajillo + seared scallops in garlic-butter sauce + Hanwoo strip steaks + chicken & shiitake skewers + spaghetti in chili bean sauce.

Montes Wine Purple Angel by Montes: it was very good.

Often the case with such extravaganza spreads, I get so focused trying to get everything just right – under scrutiny of a higher power: Boss (former Boss) (see for example 8.288 Kong Jjigae and Much Much More; 10.204 Jjol Myeon), or Dad (now Boss) (11.189 1++ Hanwoo Sirloin Strip Steak; 12.194 Spaghetti al Pomodoro Crudo) – that I neglect proper photographic documentation, even though it’s a rare occasion in which I’m trying to impress, and come pretty close to hitting the mark (if I may say so myself).

This was the only shot that I got of this dish, sitting on top of the recycling bin.

With steak for Dad and the others, I made the skewers for myself.  That chicken had been marinated in yogurt seasoned with garam masala.  The shiitakes were added upon finding them freshly picked from the cabin’s garden (see for example 12.095 Jalapeño Whopper).  They ended up kinda dry.

For post-prandial entertainment, IZ and I binged the 3rd season of Fresh Off the Boat.


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