13.138 Hayan Jjajang Myeon

Cycle 13 – Item 138

23 (Mon) May 2022

Hayan Jjajang Myeon


at Yeongyeong

-Yeonhi, Seodaemun, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


Yeongyeong is a Korean-Chinese restaurant chain.  Food is strictly localized – jjajang myeon etc – despite the chain’s distinctively Chinese-themed decor.

Located across the street from SFS.

In preparation for the book fair this week (see generally 13.126 Gochu Jjajang Myeon), we spent the afternoon at SFS to set up shop.

Arriving a bit early, I ate lunch by myself.

On the bright side, it made for a very light meal.

Hayan Jjajang Myeon is a Korean-Chinese dish.  Noodles smothered in a gravy made of chicken stock + corn starch – “hayan = white” – along with minced pork + onions + zucchini.  Not a standard dish, invented by Yeongyeong.

It was crap.  Tasted as bland as it looked.  Didn’t involve any jjajang (black bean sauce), so I don’t understand the name.  Yet another example of the inability/unwillingness of Korean-Chinese restaurants to offer anything beyond unimaginative and poorly executed variations of jjajng or jjambbong (see for example 2.243 Hayan Jjambbong).



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