13.154 McCrispy Deluxe Burger

 Cycle 13 – Item 154

8 (Wed) June 2022

McCrispy Deluxe Burger


from McDonald’s

in my office

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


McCrispy Deluxe Burger is a McDonald’s item.  Deep-fried chicken + tomato (tomato = deluxe) + lettuce + mayo + sauce + potato brioche bun.   Exclusive to the Korean market.

Despite what the frequent posts on GMTD might suggest (see most recently 13.131 Arrabbiata Ricotta Chicken Burger), I don’t try every new McDonald’s item advertised with a point-of-sale banner – many of them.

All McDonald’s Korea chicken burgers, as featured on GMTD, in descending order of mediocrity:

    1. McCrispy Deluxe Burger (13.154 McCrispy Deluxe Burger) 3.0
    2. Taste of Europe: Pomodoro Chicken Burger (3.173 Taste of Europe: Pomodoro Chicken Burger) 2.5
    3. McSpicy Cajun Burger (4.298 McSpicy Cajun Burger) 2.5
    4. Chicken ‘n Cheese Muffin (13.080 Chicken ‘n Cheese Muffin) 2.0
    5. Arrabbiata Ricotta Chicken Burger (13.131 Arrabbiata Ricotta Chicken Burger) 1.5
    6. Grill Chicken Burger (2.303 Grill Chicken Burger) 1.5
    7. Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger (1.103 Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Set) 1.5
    8. Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Deluxe (2.273 Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Deluxe) 1.5
    9. McChicken Mozzarella (12.061 McChicken Mozzarella) 1.0

What a dazzling array of randomly dumb names.

Check out golden crust on the inside of the bun.

Interestingly, on the automated order kiosk, the default side dish for the set meal was cole slaw.  Presumably due to the global shortage of potatoes (used to make fries) – I would’ve assumed that the almighty McDonald’s corporation would leverage their vast commercial power to secure a steady supply of potatoes.  Anyway, fries were available as an alternative option.  Incidentally, the cole slaw was crappy.

The sloppy construction, however, remains a constant.

The burger was … n’t bad.  First the bun – despite the so-called “brioche” labelling, and the Korean predilection for sickly sweet bread – it was well-balanced in flavor and nicely chewy, perfectly grilled, perhaps the best bun on a McDonald’s burger in my experience, as far as I can recall.  The chicken – whole cuts of thigh and leg, mashed together into a patty, battered and seasoned (“100% Cajun”), and deep-fried – was kinda like a flattish piece of actual fried chicken, which is a good thing.  The sauce – some combo of mayo + ketchup + hot sauce (“Cajun” sauce) – was fine.  The toppings were fine.  Overall, the best new item from McDonald’s Korea since the Meat Chili Beef Burger (see 12.041 Meat Chili Beef Burger).


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