12.041 Meat Chili Beef Burger


15 (Mon) February 2021

Meat Chili Beef Burger


at McDonald’s


-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-


I can’t recall if GMTD has ever featured a shot of the McDonald’s in E-Mart, but here’s how it looks these days after a renovation of the food court.
Looks a bit nicer than before, but the food is just as crappy – maybe worse, because the snazzyish environment suggests a level of quality that isn’t there.
New lids, like that of sippy cups for toddlers, eliminating the need for straws – but what I’m thinking is that more plastic goes into the lid than would be used for a straw.
I never realized that these containers for fries could stand up on their own – were they always like this?
I doubt that the standard operating procedure for wrapping this item – and I’m certain that McDonald’s has SOPs for every aspect of every item – calls for the burger to be presented upside down upon unwrapping.

Meat Chili Beef Burger is a product by McDonald’s.  A quick internet search suggests that it is exclusive to McDonald’s Korea.  Recently released as a time-limited offer. Consists of 2 beef patties + 1 slice of cheese + 1 slice of bacon + meat chili + sour cream + sesame seed bun.  (Meat Chili Chicken Burger is a companion item that comprises a deep-fried chicken patty in lieu of the beef patties and bacon, plus lettuce.)

According to the website: “Richer real meat flavor with authentic meat chili souce!” – aside from the misspelling of “sauce,” I’m unsure what “real meat” or “authentic meat” are supposed to be.

The Meat Chili Beef Burger might very well be the greatest deluxe fast food burger that I have ever experienced.  To be clear, the standard cheeseburgers at Wendy’s (see for example 9.347 Dave’s Single), Shake Shack (see for example 7.352 ShackBurger), and In-N-Out (see for example 9.358 Cheeseburgers) are better in terms of pure quality, where the primary focus is only on the patty, cheese, and bun.  But here, the explosive combination of meaty/juicy/spicy/smoky/salty chili and the cool/creamy/tangy sour cream made everything else irrelevant – the patties could’ve been made of soy, and it wouldn’t have mattered.   Every bite was sinfully decadent.  The only possible improvement would be to add hot sauce.  And maybe a slice of onion.  Or tomato (see for example 11.078 Chili Cheeseburgers).  And maybe to remove the bacon, which kinda got in the way.  If it becomes a regular item, the marketing team needs to come up with a better name, which currently includes 2 redundancies (meat chili, beef burger), something simple like “McChili Cheeseburger.”

I can’t wait to try the Meat Chili Chicken Burger.

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