13.175 Taste Test: Cheese Pizza Reheated 3 Ways

Cycle 13 – Item 175

29 (Wed) June 2022

Cheese Pizza Reheated 3 Ways


from Costco

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-


Until this afternoon, I hadn’t been to Costco in over 9 years (see most recently 4.157 Rotisserie Chicken Quarters), not since before I moved to the Philippines.

After our return to Korea in 2020, I felt no compulsion to renew my Costco membership, even though it used to be my favorite source for groceries, especially “foreign” items.  Local stores are better stocked these days with imported goods.

My mother wanted me to help her look at lawn furniture for the cabin, so I tagged along.

As I’d suspected, the store had little to offer that I couldn’t find elsewhere.

Incidentally, the lawn furniture was already gone for the year (“Come back in April,” they said).

The food court has reduced the menu offerings – e.g., only 2 types of pizza (cheese, bulgogi) (no more combination, pepperoni).

Arriving home, the pizza had gotten cold.  I tried reheating it 3 ways: broiled on a pizza stone / air-fried / pan-fried.

At bottom right, the air-fried pizza slightly overcooked at 10 minutes.

The best way, a hybrid approach: first air-fry on high (220C) for about 8 minutes to get the cheese bubbly, then pan-fry in a dry pan on high for 2 minutes to get the crust crispy.  (The broil + pizza stone might accomplish the same over-under in a single go, but would take too long for the stone to get sufficiently hot.)

He got some really pizza, too.



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